Room Addition

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Room Addition

Room Addition | Ocampo Construction & Remodeling - San Diego, CA

A room addition is a great way to make your home as useful as it was when you first purchased it. People grow out of things, including their homes. Whether your family is larger than it once was, you decided to start working from home, or you want to a special place to call your own, a room addition can be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Here are some fantastic options:

• Bedroom—A bedroom can be a necessary addition for a growing family. Whether you are welcoming a new child or your parents are moving in, you need a new bedroom. Don’t sacrifice your office or den; a room addition can put a new bedroom right where you need it.

• Office—Whether you’ve decided to go into business for yourself or are simply working from home, you need a dedicated space. Stop working on your couch and let an experienced contractor give you the space you deserve.

• Bathroom—If you’re tired of fighting over who gets to take a shower first, a new bathroom is the answer. While modern homes often have more than one bathroom, older homes do not. Stop living with a single bathroom and have a new one added today!

• Meditation Room—You don’t have to meditate to have spot to call your own! Imagine a room addition that gives you a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

Ocampo Construction & Remodeling offers more than room additions! Hire the company for:

• Concrete
• Roofing
• Window Replacement

When your home needs to be improved, Ocampo Construction & Remodeling in San Diego, CA is the answer. Give them a call today and tell them how they can expand your home!